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Tall Children

Who Are Tall Children?

Tall Children is actually one man: Ben Hughes.

Ben believes we are all Tall Children. Because being childlike is positive. We should never lose our creativity, playfulness and fun.

Equally, we can all grow older and taller without ever growing up, running rampant through the world’s resources, with increasing fear and diminishing empathy for each other. Being childish isn’t quite so positive.

So if that’s the ethos behind Tall Children, then who is Ben Hughes?

He is a guitarist first and foremost. The songwriting and singing came later. Ben picked up a guitar at the tender age of 5. By 13, he was being taught by legends Tommy Emmanuel and Martin

Taylor. He studied at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and has since played at every opportunity both as a solo artist and alongside Tommy Emmanuel, Mick Fleetwood blues

band, Dave McCabe and Zutons, Mel C, Nitin Sawhney, Brent Mason, Albert Lee with Hogan’s Heroes, Gaps, Salford Jets, Paulo Nutini. He’s even played ‘Yesterday’ with Paul McCartney.

After initial sessions with Hugh Worskett (Birdy, Michael Kiwanuka), Ben has been in the studio with Rich Turvey (Blossoms, Cabbage) producing a series of pop singles. He signed a two single deal with i-Global Music, as a worldwide priority for CD Baby – launching ‘Song For You’ with a New Music Friday spot on Spotify, homepage takeovers on Akazoo and M2M and consistent support from BBC Introducing. That same song remains play-listed on influential LA radio station Power 102. He has just released two remixes of ‘Song For You’ with new grime king Ceemax & DJ Josh Hunter. In fact he recently played with Ceemax at Wigan Stadium in front of 10,000 rugby league fans on Sky Sports. He has just shot with Mark Surridge (Ed Sheeran, Stormzy). And is about to release a second massive single ‘Be With Me’. A debut album has been demoed. And a series of London showcases confirmed for October.

We Are Tall Children.

We are Tall Children,
We are Tall Children,
Growing old but never up,
A frightened tree, that hoarded its flowers,
Rooted, mystified though feeling stuck,
And forever pruning those passing hours,
Seems a comfort under the circumstance,
We are Tall Children, so feeling the need,
To toil a thousand years through chance,
And mark, we’ll keep going for another,
Whether science or religion prevails,
Regardless, we are all brothers.
We are Tall Children,
Standing proud our battered sails,
And navigating our course to risk it all,
Before we hammer those final nails,
And we’ll still feel tall, when in fact we are small.
And still our over-serious plan at which we rage,
We are Tall Children curious at our cage we’ll claw,
We are Tall Children, our lives engaged,
Flailing in the dark to see,
Until one day I hope,
We’re finally free.